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Theft Prevention

Textbooks are an expensive and necessary part of your college education. It is important to take steps to protect this investment.

Steps You Can Take to Prevent Theft

  • Mark your textbook (after the return period expires) somewhere within the book for identification purposes. You may want to mark the page corresponding to your "lucky number" or your date of birth.

  • Use the lockers that are provided in the College Store while shopping. Your $.25 is returned to you after you are finished using the locker.

  • Never leave your textbooks unattended in a public area...even if only for a moment. Do not leave your textbooks or other personal property unattended in lobbies, hallways, study areas, the library, the gym, or other unsecured areas.

  • If you leave your textbooks in your car, keep your vehicle locked and your books out of sight or in the trunk.

  • If you own a backpack, store your books in it and carry it with you at all times.

  • If your books are stolen, report the theft immediately to Campus Safety and the College Store.

  • Remember: Textbooks are your personal property and your responsibility. The College Store is not responsible for lost or stolen books.