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Buyback Information

Next Book Buyback

The next book buyback will be in the College Store on December 12, 13, 14, 2022 from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Buyback dates beyond the December 2022 listed dates have not yet been determined.

Books can also be sold back directly to Nebraska Book Company:
Virtual Sell Back

Photo ID is REQUIRED (when in-store buybacks are in effect)

Buyback Information

The College Store makes available the largest quantity of used books that can be obtained and these are sold at 75% of the new book price. To make this possible, textbooks are bought back from students during finals week of each semester. All textbooks purchased by cash, check, credit card, financial aid, or sponsorship are eligible for buy back. Course books may be sold back for up to 50% of the current book price.

Books that are not in demand at HFC may still have value. The book buyer will make you an offer based on the national demand for the book. Its value is usually considerably less than the price offered for books in demand at HFC.

Normally a single dollar amount is quoted for a stack of books being sold, but the book buyer will quote you individual prices on books if requested. You are under no pressure to sell your books if you do not wish to accept the offer made.

BEFORE SELLING YOUR BOOKS BACK, PLEASE BE CERTAIN THERE WILL BE NO NEED FOR THEM FOR FUTURE CLASSES. Some books have no value (i.e. old editions, overstocks, loose leaf, workbooks, damaged) and cannot be purchased.

The College Store buys textbooks during the designated times only. The College Store has partnered with Nebraska Book Company to provide students an option to sell their textbooks in between the buyback dates.

Check Buyback Prices

What Impacts Buyback Prices?

  • Whether or not the instructor has decided to reuse the book.
  • Whether or not the publisher has published a new edition of the book.
  • The instructor has discontinued using the book or has not decided on a book yet.
  • The book is in poor condition and cannot be resold.
  • The College Store is currently overstocked.
  • The book has little or no national demand.

Theft prevention information

Photo ID is required to sell back books.

Future Book Buyback Dates:

To Be Determined