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Books being bought for the College Store are sometimes subject to limits and may default to the wholesale price when a limit is met.  The best way to ensure that you get a quoted price is to bring it into the College Store at the beginning of the book buyback period.  Books that are not in demand at HFC may still have value.  The book buyer will make you an offer based on the national demand for the book.  The value is usually considerably less than the price offered for books in demand at HFC.  Visit our Buyback information page for dates and times for book buyback.  No price quotes will be given over the phone.

Please remember that a photo ID (Student ID or Drivers License) is REQUIRED to sell back books.

Quoted prices are NOT GUARANTEED and are subject to change. 
Quotes from this system are intended as a convenience and are informational only.
Data for these quotes are updated nightly. 
The College Store only buys back books during the buyback period.

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This system is provided for students only. All buyback prices generated on this system are subject to change based on the condition of the book when it arrives at the bookstore.

Expiration date for this estimate: Quoted prices are NOT GUARANTEED and are subject to change

Prices are subject to change once need has been met.