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Inclusive Access

    Increased Affordability.  Immediate Access

      The Inclusive Access program changes the way you get your course materials. This program is less expensive than other options; we negotiated a better price based on course enrollment. Your materials needed for success in these courses are much cheaper than traditional print materials. This program gives students access to course materials on the first day of class and allows for more interactive digital content.

      How does it work?

          - Instead of purchasing a printed access card at The College Store/HFC, you will now have immediate access to your course materials on your course's Moodleroom on the first day of class. Students are sent an email two weeks before classes begin with instructions on how to access their digital course materials content.

          - You will be charged a course fee, at the time of registration, in order to receive the discounted rate for the materials.

          - If students choose to opt out, they can do so easily via a link on the email before the deadline; access is turned off and a refund will be issued. Access is still required to succeed in the course. It is much cheaper and more convenient to stay in the Inclusive Access Program.

      Have more questions? Email us at textbook@hfcc.edu